Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A nice Pu leather jacket with a fur trim collar...

A nice Pu leather jacket with a fur trim collar and an unusual detachable lace timing.
The lacy trim around the bottom of the jacket is removable, so you can have 2 leather jackets for the price of one, don't you think that's a great idea? 
This jacket cost $36.41 and is available now.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A reminder all the old stock is available still

The new Site is working well, it is still to slow at adding all our old stock with the new stock back to the site, I think it will take long than anticipated but I know it will be worth it, please accept our apologies for this.
If you have designs that you need just drop us an email, we will find them for you.

A reminder all the old stock is available here, just drop me an email if you need anything

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

4 Reasons To Try Leopard Print Fashion

Leopard Print Fashion.

The most popular material print, there is something about a Leopard print, no other finish touches it. You want everything to wear or everything you have to be covered in it. Have a think many clothes do you have that are a Leopard Print? One thing I'm certain...if you think of a garment for us to wear or accessories then there is a Leopard print version of it!

Why Leopard Print?
  • This print suits everyone regardless of size or age or Complexion.
  • Can be worn to almost any occasion and every day.
  • Stands out when worn as a single piece or as an accessory.
  •     Just so good to look at and, with the right fabric, feel.
Popular Leopard print garments are wholesale dress, skirts, jackets, tops, pants, leggings, shoes, hats, scarves and probably every other category on the site. 

Are you new to the idea of wearing a leopard piece?

This print can be quite loud and draw attention to you so I would recommend starting off small to get the feel for it and listen to any feedback you get from your friends or colleges. But don't be intimidated by it, have fun and feel comfortable, this cat won't bite you back! 

Leopard fashion is here to stay, so don’t hold back and have a try, let your wild side be freed!

Monday, December 17, 2012

What’s you favourite Outfit?

 Tell me what's your favourite outfit you have now or one you have ever worn. It doesn't matter what it is and doesn't need to be for a special occasion, maybe it is something you feel particularly comfortable in or something that really suits you.
For anyone sharing there favourite outfit with us, I’ll give you a discount voucher to spend in the shop as a thank you for sharing your out fit with us.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What’s on your wish list?

What’s on your wish list?
We all want and wish for something, what are you hoping for? New Dress or Top, a new outfit for the party or some new shoes, what are you hoping for?

We added a wish list Button to the site, you can add any item as you browse to help you remember items you liked and would wish to look again at, we hope you find that useful.

Friday, December 14, 2012

This is so simple but so sexy, I love this outfit, warm too.

 This is so simple but so sexy, I love this outfit, warm too. Sometime you can just find a new outfit that needn't be complicated to be fantastic, take this dress for example, its simple and sexy line made it an hit!

Why Is The Photographer Using This Lens?

Here is a few shots I took of the photographer in the process of taking photographs of the model wearing some clothes for the new lines and on the right I zoomed in to the show the lens he is using. It was very interesting to watch a professional photographer at work, I'm sorry I didn't pay more attention at the time and get the camera and lens details to add them here but I hope you can see enough of the lens to be able to comment. 
My question is why is the photographer using what looks like a long telephoto lens, as you can see he has to put quite a bit of distance between himself and the model, presumably this is around the minimum distance to be able to get the model into focus and I understand it these telephoto lens will also need a wide aperture in order to have sufficient light and that will flatten the object making it very hard to get subject to stand out by blurring the background. I'm absolutely sure he knows what he's doing, I'm not questioning that, its just that I always thought a modest 85-13mm lens was best at this job.
Anyway its an interesting question and has been puzzling me... So I was wondering why use the telephoto lens and what lens would you use?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wholesale Dress at Wholesale Dress prices
Wholesale Dress
Have a look at these Wholesale Dress styles and prices.
No minimum order quantity, you can buy a wholesale dress from just one item.
very good price for shipping to, we offer trade prices for shipping.
Wholesale Dress just for you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We are very pleased the newly overhauled site is up but..

with fewer items at the moment, we are adding 100's of items back each day, as fast as we can. I hope you'll bare with up while we reload the items. Our old site is still accessible here until this one takes over full time.
Your comments on the new site are welcomed, thanks

Lose two size's but potentially mush more in your health.

“What a great felling it was when I’d tried a dress on to find I fitted a size 12 again, such a boost but how disappointed I felt when I tried another dress on in another shop a few weeks later and found I'm not a 12 any more”.

Shopping on today’s high streets for clothes you must have experienced this, but what just happened? I am afraid you have been a victim of vanity sizing... the every gowning practice of our large retailers to miss size clothes in order to try to sell more by deceiving you with their clothes sizes.

Clothe sizing started when Shops had to come up with a quick way for shoppers to buy clothes “off the peg”. The traditional method would have been to take your measurements in the shop, but of course impractical for today’s shops, that rely on quick sales. 

A clothing size standard was devised in order for you to buy like this, all you needed was your size number; but the standard has never been compulsorily for the manufactures to use. Then the marketing people moved in, hoping they could gain sales by making you think you are a smaller size in their shop, a cruel ploy.

While more mature women might be able to cope women, with this, venerable and younger women who are already under tremendous peer pressure regarding there body shape and size will end up with a bulging wardrobe of clothes that will not fit and a few that will, but let us hope that is all. 

Many woman are forced to try to live up to other people expectation regarding their bodies look, everywhere are constant reminder of what apparently is expected, if shopping in a group can they take the collective "gasp" when the jeans they try on won’t do up even thought the label say it should? 

But what can you do to stop this? Use a tape measure; it will not lie to you…

What appears to be the biggest problem for people when they want to buy clothes from an online seller is probably the smartest and number one reason to buy that way. The best online shops do not show these sizes to miss-lead you, just real measurements of each item for you to compare with your actual measured size.

Take your own measurements or get a friend to help you, this will not take long as just a few measurements needed. Another way is to measure one garment that you have that fits you well, getting your measured size by laying it flat out on your bed. The style of today clothes means a greater deal are lose fitting and fit a larger range of body sizes. 

Now you will find how easy online clothes shopping really is by seeing clearly what clothes will fit you, with these measured sizes you won’t go wrong and you will have opened up the terrific source of new fashion clothes, but best of all you, will have protected your self from the scourge of Vanity Sizing.

This is a repost I made about a year and a half ago, from my old blog, feel free to comment.